Boomer (Big Fat Baddie)
is a fat zombie that was created by Ding. His grandmother is Foru. His signature move is the Atomic Butt. There is only a few in existance, eg. Boomer himself, his brother and Foru. He also can use Bad Breath, Peenado, Peesniper and Big Daddy Burp. He was first killed by Fawful's Kanmato but was later reincarnated by the Bounty Hunters. Boomer is a favourite by many fans.


He uses the mutated parts of his body to fight.He can use Bad Breath, Peenado, Peesniper, Big Daddy Burp, Atomic Butt, Infect, Vomit, Big Fart and Re-Animate.


Boomer is a special zombie, he was the only one made by Ding. Ding wanted to make more of his species until her machine went haywire. The other Boomers were also made before the machine broke.



Boomer: Thank you for saving me!!! I'll do anything for you!!!

Gill: How about not hugging me in half!

Boomer: Deal.

Fawful: What are you going to do? Turn me into fat?! Hahaha...

Boomer: Yes. *burps at Fawful*

Fawful: *becomes fat* You really did turn me into fat!

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