Boss (Seargent Major)
was the boss of the Heroes before Anton and Fawful. Boss died when he was 29 years old. He wears a tuxedo with a red tie and sun sunglasses, he also wears a black fedora. He is a man with a cool nature and has a ton of friends on his team. His rival -- Dark King, is leader of the Villains. He was born in Chakron City and first ventured into Bronzer City where he found his rival. After that, they got quite mad at each other for reasons unknown. That's when they start building up a team. Strangely, Boss can only fly a helicopter but not a plane. Pryce always strongly advice him not to do that but Boss strangely rides it all the time. He has a crush on Vivian.


Boss uses a variety of guns, including the M16, SMG, AK47, Micro SMG and the Desert Eagle. He is also the teacher of the Gunning Class 105 in the University.


Boss was born in Chakron City. Later, he moved on to Bronzer City while there was a war in Chakron City. There, he met Dark King. Soon after, they become rivals for reasons unknown. Soon, Boss started the team with a few teamates including: Fawful, Felix, Pryce, Presto, Count Bleck, Vivian, Shadow then later Squadron. He then set up the base in the middle of Ballas Plains. Due to being prone to the attack of fiends, he set up hi defences to protect the base.


Boss died in Season 6 along with Presto. They both got hit by a giant bomb. Boss was going to die in a few weeks time because of Pneumonia.Before his death, he found out former Hero, Anton, is actaully a double-agent. He later appoints Anton and Fawful as the new leaders.



Boss: Yahoo!! *while riding a plane*

Flowerboy: Hey! Didn't Pryce say you can't ride planes!

Boss: Weepee!

Flowerboy: Hands on the steering wheel, dummy!!

Boss: Yahoo!! We're crashing!

Flowerboy: What the heck is wrong with you!!

Boss: Dark King! Where did you get that eye patch!?

Dark King: It was a little souvenir...

Boss: Oh! A souvenir! Where'd you get it? Hawaii?

Dark King: *sigh*

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