Cutty (Cavalry Claw)
is the first Cutter to be produced by Ding. He is one of the four zombies that can talk. His friends are Gargoyle, Stretchy and Snipey. He was made as a bodyguard for Ding. He was made in Area 51 instead of SkullHolme.His claws are sharper than most Cutter's and his claws move so fast, it could become a shredder.


His claws are his main weapons. If the claws doesn't kill the target in one swipe, it will change into wood claw, after that metal claw and finally titanium claw. It will become an ordinary claw once the target is dead.


He was born in Area 51 instead of SkullHolme where most zombies are born. The gasses in Ding's Area 51 chamber gave him sharper and faster claws unlike other Cutters. He doesn't have much of a history because he is 3 months old. He was granted the ability to talk by Ding and was made her bodyguard.



Cutty: Why did I have to be the paper shredder.

Ding: Well, all the other Cutters where picked.

Cutty: So long, sucker!

Fawful: Ok. But who is leaving? *attacks Cutty*

Cutty: *falls of cliff* NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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