Dark King2

Dark King after The Heist Continues...

Dark King

Dark King

Dark King (Spawn of Darkness)
is the leader of the Villains. He is 28 years old. It is unknown if he is human or any other species, so he is just classified as a human. Dark King has very long claws as fingers. He has three fingers (claws) on each hand. He uses a sword known as "Darkness Heirloom" which is a family possesion much similar to the Destiny Blade. He wears a dark cloak, a cape and a a golden mask, not revealing any part of his body. Rumors say that Dark King is a Dark Blob and extinct SkullHolme fiend, they say Dark Emperor and Dark King is the last of the species. His eye broke during The Heist Continues... episode. He wears an eyepatch on his left eye. Dark King is also famous for being the spirit of Steel. His father is Dark Emperor. Strangely, he is an Undead.


He uses his family possesion, the Darkness Heirloom. It is a shining gloden blade. Some say that the golden mask Dark King wears was chipped off from the sword.


He was born in Bronzer City. When Boss traveled to Bronzer City, he became enemies with Dark King for unknown reaasons. After that, they've been building up they're team to fight each other.




Parasite: You smell, and you're fat!

Dark King: Well I'm not the one who goes "Sparky, Sparky, Boom!" on my victims!

Dark King: This is a bank robbery!!! NOBODY MOVE! NOBODY GETS HURT!

Old Lady: *walks up to Dark King and slams him with purse*

Dark King: That hurt. *faints*

Dark King: So we meet again, Boss! For the last time!

Boss: You know? Maybe you're right. *throws Dark King off cliff*

Dark King: I didn't mean it that wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *smack* That hurt. * faints*

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