Dr. Scorpio

Dr. Scorpio

Dr. Scorpio (Scorpion Insignia)
is a part-scorpion part-human mutant. He died at the age of 23. He was murdered by the villainous Dark Emperor after Scorpio destroyed one of his life generators. He was killed by having a dagger stabbed in the heart, Blooods had the same fate after catching Dark Emperor in his silent murder. Dr. Scorpio is famous for inventing the portal to Dimensions.


He holds a Smoke Bomb disguised as a potion for escapes. He holds a gun known as the Re-poisoner. It is used to poison foes and eventually die if shot again. It is also quite effective against buildings because its is made of acid.


Dr. Scorpio is actually a full-fledged Ph.D. He invented a machine that gives people the abilities of other creatures and objects. Him, Spidey (Dr. Spider), and Gerald (Dr. Ghost) was to test the experiment. He attaches a scorpion to his machine. Later, he turns into a half human half scorpion creature. Though upon exiting the machine, the place was ransacked, leaving all the other scientists dead. He later joined the Heroes and ever since, he is trying to find out who destroyed his lab.


He died in the University and was killed by Dark Emperor. He was killed because he destroyed one of Dark Emperor's life generators which was very essential to Dark Emperor's life. He got a dagger jabbed into his heart by Dark Emperor himself, his eyes flashed open and he started saying his last words, and then he dies. The dagger which was use to kill Blooods and Scorpio was later given to Ninji as a gift from the Dark Emperor. The Dagger was known as the Scorpion-Slayer. His wills were found in Fawful's locker in the University. His wills read: "Tell Dr. Ghost to finish that assignment I assigned for him".



Dr. Scorpio: This machine will change the principals of science!!!

Dr. Ghost: Yeah, like the time you changed our school principal into a donkey.

Dark Emperor: Say your prayers, wimpy scorpion!!!

Dr. Scorpio: *gets jabbed by dagger* My wills...... Fawful's...... locker...... *dies*

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