Parasite (Ferral Mushroom)
is a mutated plant. Like Fungi, he has the ability to control plants from afar. Parasite is currently 19 years old. He was a Poison Shroom until he was mutated by a gas. He is now the leader of the Poison Shrooms. Many people may not know it, but Parasite is blind, stating that he doesn't have pupils on his eyes, he is only able to see if he infects something with eyes. Parasite sees using plants around him, that's why he is completely alert of anything that happens. His senses are better when in a jungle, forest or garden. Unfortunately, his powers are limited at factories, deserts and barrens. He has two sword-like arms, which he uses for combat if unable to infect anything. He controls living things using the tentacles that are actually his feet. He betrays the Villains in season 4 last few episodes. Even though he was a Villain, he was never really evil.


Parasite has a limit amount of weapons, depending on where he is. He can control plants with his tentacles in the ground. He has breath that turn the plants into living monsters, he also has two sword-like arms in case of emergencies. His main ability, is to infect whatever is around him. When infected, the host loses his pupils (the black round dot in the eye) and Parasite gains a pupil, giving him the ability to see. When, he exits a host, the host explodes.


He has a small history. He was once a Poison Shroom. After wandering into the University, he sniffed a plant mutation formula, mutating him into Parasite. He then woke up in the forest, forgetting what had happened. Strangely, Parasite naturally learned all his moves as soon as he was born. He then finds out it was Dr. Ghost that created him and then has made a plan to betray the Villains ever since.



  • Parasite's tentacles (feet) isn't sharp, though strangely he can poke through his victims head.
  • Parasite's swords (arms) seem to point upwards and sideways whenever not fighting.
  • Parasite very closely related to Fungi.


Parasite: You smell, and you're fat!

Dark King: Well I'm not the one who goes "Sparky, Sparky, Boom!" on my victims!

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