<<< Pizza Heist >>>

This is the second episode of season 4.


  • Driver
  • Pizza Truck Guard
  • Pizza Truck Driver
  • 20$


The Villains found out that the pizza they want comes in free if late. so, they decide to hijack the pizza van after they make the order. Unfortunately, it ended up in disaster.


Transcript:Pizza Heist


  • Parasite can posess cars.
  • Geraldines' Pizza makes 15 large anchovi pizzas in 39 seconds.
  • Geraldines' Pizza has an armored truck.
  • The license plate on the armored truck is: PIZZA.
  • Inside the car the Villains hijacked has: a glove compartment with a SMG and a Micro SMG, fuzzy dice, elm tree air refreshener.
  • Prof. Fizzbucket had to dress like Ding so that when the pizza arrives, they cannot recognize them as the Villains.

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