Boss: Flowerboy, help! I ran out of magazines! I forgot to reload back at the University.

Flowerboy: Ok. *Kills Deatheater*.

Boss: Wow, no one has ever killed a Deatheater that quick. What makes you so brave.

Flowerboy: I have a fio... fi... fions... f... freak! I have a freak! *flees*

Boss: You have a freak? Hmmm... *Deatheater jumps out* Flowerboy, HELP!!!! He's gone! *Deatheater gets shot by Rose* Am I dead yet?


Flowerboy: Thanks for saving Boss.

Rose: Ok, bye Flowerboy. *Boss stares at Rose*


Rose: I am Flowerboy's girlfriend.

Boss: Curse you! Flowerboy!!!!

Flowerboy: NO!!!!!!!!!! She told you, didn't she!

Boss: How long have you known her?

Flowerboy: 15 years.

1 wedding later...

Flowerboy: How unexpected. We got married today.

Rose: Yeah. Bye!

Deadly Nightshade: ?

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