Boss: Hey, Flowerboy!

Flowerboy: Hey, Boss!

Boss: We're going to Golmore Plains to do a mission!

Flowerboy: Ok.

  • Boss rides plane*

Flowerboy: Uh oh, didn't Pryce say you can't ride the plane!

Boss: Yahoo! Wee!

Flowerboy: Hands on the steering wheel, dumbass!

Boss: Wee!!!!

Flowerboy: WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!! *plane crashes*

Boss: Again! Again!

Flowerboy: Where are we?

Boss: It looks like some sort of planet. Air is strangely breathable. No sign of intelligent life. There's only one conclusion! Hawaii.

Flowerboy: What makes you so sure?

Boss: Look at that poster.

Poster: Hawaii.

Boss: Pryce, we're stranded in Hawaii. Get Cid's airship to get us.

Pryce: Are you sure? Cause' I can see you right here.

Boss: PRYCE!? Oh, I get it... *reveals aeroplane landed on University.

Pryce: You were suppose to take the helicopter, not the plane. FLASHBACK!! I was minding my own business when... *plane crashes through Pryce's rooms roof* MY TABLE! Now, get!

Boss: Let's go.

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