20$: I have a feeling a king, a ninja, a bug and a scientist are fighting over me. And the scientist is winning.

Prof. Fizzbucket: Guys, check this out!

Coupon: GURANTEED 10 minute delivery. If late, pizza is free.

Everyone: Muahahahahahahaaaaaaa......

Prof. Fizzbucket: I don't inderstand why I have to dress up like Ding.

Ninji: Don't worry, Fizzbucket. We'll be back before you know it. *swings sword*

Parasite: Hey, watch it!

Dark King: Hello, 15 large anchovi pizzas. Thank you.

Ninji: Now how are we gonna get there? *stabs car with driver then hijack it* How are we gonna fix it?

Dark King: Hangup, countdown begin. Let's go!

Parasite: *Posesses car* I'm not a good driver.

Dark King: There!

Parasite: It's armored!

Ninji: They only took 39 seconds to make a pizza! *finds weapons in glove compartment* AHA!

Dark King & Ninji: DIE!!!!!!!!!

Pizza Truck Driver: Uh oh.

Dark KIng: *Kills pizza truck guard*

Ninji: Don't shoot the driver, dumbass!

  • Pulls out spiked tyres*

Parasite: Boo yah!!

  • spiked tyres went flat*

Parasite: What the! Get outta there!!

  • Car explodes*

All: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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