Deadly Nightshade: Oooh...

Rose: Sorry, I'm married.

Deadly Nightshade: What!? That Flowerboy!!


Deadly Nightshade: Dang, he's not here. Sayonara Flowerboy!

The Next Morning

Doctor A: His head will regrow.

Doctor B: But it will take a while.

Boss: Who would do such a thing!?


Boss: Hey Cid

Cid: Yo Boss! This is the killer, Deadly Nightshade. And didn't it feel weird that Rose wasn't at the hospital?

Solodad: I shall help.

Boss: Solodad! If you don't know Solodad, readers, I'll introduce him. Solodad is a psychic, he has three psychic powers. Telikinesis, Teleportation and Clairvoyance.

Solodad: Back to the show. I'll use my Clairvoyance to see. Oh my god! That's it! Love Potion!

Boss: That Deadly Nightshade!

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