Dark King: Here are the secret plans!

Destination: Bronzer City

Get the world's biggest steamroller

Use it to flatten Spira

Dark King: Soon, Spira will look like this! * points to a wooden plank*

Prof. Fizzbucket: That's great!

Parasite: The airship is destroyed, so let's walk.

1 Day Later

GPS: To destination: 109.59 km

Dark King: This might take awhile...


Pizza Parlor Manager: Go deliver those coupons.

  • coupon was delivered to Dark King's Secret Base*

Dark King: What's this?

Coupon: Eat at Geraldine's Pizza. Best pizza in the universe! 20$ a pizza, free delivery.

Dark KIng: But I only brought 20$ for this jorney. I'll just walk to the phone. No one is watching...

Ninji: Gimme that! *attacks Dark King*

Parasite: Looks good. *catches 20$ bill* Just in the nick of time! So long suckers.

Prof. Fizzbucket: *Shoots Parasite*


10 cents: What's taking so long!

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