Bestiary EntryEdit

Name: Whiproots

Home: Golmore Plains

Size: Small

Weight: Light

Eye Colour: Brown

Strength: Weak

Species: Plant

Genus: Sprout

Type: Plant

Nature: Naive

Prey: N/A

Predator: Herbivores

Age: Evolves at 10-19 years

Rarity: 90%


It is practically a living stick. It has two twigs stuck together as a body, sprouts as eyes and a bunch of roots for legs. It's eyes are similar to those of a dragonfly and can see everything around it without turning it's head. It's roots is it's weapons thus giving it's name since they use they're roots as whips and ropes. It evolves into Whipsprout, shrinking the size of it's eyes, gain a little green and sprouts a head, leaving the roots.


It's diet consist of sunlight, moonlight and artificial light. It's survival rate if left alone in the wild is very high. It's small size makes it easy prey for herbivores to eat so it needs to evolve into Whipsprout as soon as it's big enough.


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