Zap Monsieur

Zap Monsieur

Zap Monsieur (Tiny Terror)
is a tiny robot that resembles Parasite. He was invented by Pryce and is his assistant, pet and bodyguard. He is 4 years old. He is quite intelligent. He has a claw on his head that can shoot a volt of electricity at people. He can also control mechanical objects just like Parasite can control living things. He speaks with a french accent, probably because Pryce said "Piece da Resistance" after inserting the memory chip. Pryce likes to speak to Zap in a french accent.


He has a claw on his head that can zap electricity. On his core, there is a number of chip slots. Pryce's Chips which are inserted into the slot can then be used as a power for Zap. His chips include: Laser Chip, Fireball Chip etc. He can also use his ninja skills to fight.


People usually refer to his young times as "when you were just diodes and wires". Pryce made him upgrades and chips to help him in combat. Zap was orginally a coffee machine, after many failures, Pryce finnally made Zap.



Cid: Hi, Pryce!

Zap Monsieur: Intruder!!!!!!! *zaps Cid*

Cid: P...Pr...PRYCE, HELP!!!

Pryce: Zap, stop- ahh!!!!!!!!!! *gets shocked by Zap*

Zap Monsieur: Sorry, monsieur Pryce.

Dr. Spider: What happened here?

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